International art route along the IJssel River from Doesburg to Kampen

International artists tell the story of the IJssel valley with 28 classic artworks in an art route along the IJssel River. You can find the artworks at unique locations in the countryside and in the historical Hanseatic cities. In floodplains and beside locks, at brickworks and on country estates; wherever you can see, smell and taste the IJssel.
In this first edition of the IJssel biennial, artists share their vision of the influence of climate change on our riverscape: from poetic dreamscapes and utopian visions of the future, to calamitous scenarios of doom. >>
With a rich and varied programme of activities, it promises to be a summer of culture! 

Works of art

Untitled #192

Aeneas Wilder


This is how it works...

The best way to experience the artworks and the IJssel valley is on foot or by bicycle! Choose one of the many IJssel biennial routes, varying from a bicycle or walking route of a few hours to a multi-day tour. The routes connect to existing walking and cycling routes such as the Hanzestedenpad. 

In addition, there are countless options for overnight accommodation in the IJssel valley, so you can continue along the route the following day. If you purchase a multiple entry ticket or a day pass, you receive a comprehensive route map or travel guide with all the information about the artworks, their locations and the routes. 

You can find all the information about the cycling and walking routes, as well as practical information about the route, on the website from the beginning of May. Multiple entry tickets and route maps will go on sale via the website or at the various starting points and information points along the route from the start of June.


Along the way!

During the IJssel biennial, you can visit numerous activities inspired by the IJssel, such as music performances, group exhibitions and festivals at unique locations in the IJssel valley. Leading museums in the IJssel valley are putting on a special programme to complement the IJssel biennial.


The last fishermen







16.06.17 - 24.09.17


Stedelijk Museum Zwolle

21.05.17 - 24.09.17

Museum MORE

14.06.17 - 24.09.17





14.06.17 - 24.09.17


Tickets (road map included) can be bought at the official starting points along the river.