Corona en de impact op de kunstpraktijk – reactie van een bewogen kunstenaar

Sachi Myachi reageert met een persoonlijke mail naar aanleiding van ons besluit de IJsselbiënnale te verschuiven naar 2021. Ze is blij met de manier waarop de organisatie daarover heeft nagedacht en de kunstenaars in het denkproces heeft meegenomen.  

Over de gevolgen van de corona-crisis voor haar eigen werk als kunstenaar en de daarbij zo onmisbare betrokkenheid van mensen, schrijft ze het volgende: 

‘In this moment, I am sad to be aware of my powerless self to confront the mass of sufferings and deaths. I become strongly aware how my art has been possible on top of the large foundation, the well-being of society, which has been conditioned in decades by many people’s presences, many people’s efforts and hands. Each cup of coffee during meetings, build-up and clean-up of exhibition making become very precious and tangible in my memory. I loved to visit a location to grow ideas for new art. I loved to work with people who helped out my build-up. I loved to be hidden in the crowd of audiences and listen to how they talk about my art. I loved to imagine that people remember the experience of my work and talk to their relatives and friends. Each single moment of my art making was supported by people. 

I see the situation of raging virus as drastic reformation of the globe. It is giving large impacts on our relationships with ‘others' and the notion of ‘public’, local and global…so on. We will receive a completely different landscape/mindscape out of doorstep or out of laptop screen in a couple of months. At least it gives me moments to rethink the world and our well-being. That has been given a large impact to my art practice too. In this moment, I am too sentimental, but I can not stop thinking of possible art and landscape after we experience the crisis’.