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The best way to experience the artworks and the IJssel valley is on foot or by bicycle! Choose one of the many IJssel biennial routes, varying from a bicycle or walking route of a few hours to a multi-day tour during which you can see everything. The routes connect existing walking and cycling routes such as the Hanzestedenpad. 
A visit will leave you wanting more... we would be delighted to inform you about various beautiful and appealing places where you can stay overnight in the IJssel valley, so that you can continue along the route the following day.

Tickets and prices

You can purchase tickets for the IJssel biennial from tourist information offices or at the starting points along the route. The multiple entry ticket gives you unlimited access to all artworks, as well as a discount on entry to participating museums. 

The multiple entry ticket includes a route map or travel guide and 2 tickets for a ferry of your choice. The multiple entry tickets are available online and from the various starting points and information points from the beginning of June.


Tickets and routes

The IJssel biennial consists of different routes you can walk, cycle or drive, separately or together. To help you on your way, you get a free route map when you purchase a multiple entry ticket. It shows all the sites, routes, information points and car parks. You design the route yourself. You do not have to do everything in one day; the multiple entry ticket is valid for the entire duration of the event.

Starting points

You can start the different routes from the starting points indicated on the free map, but you are free to decide where to start yourself. You can start from an artwork, a participating museum, or one of the cities or villages. Travelling by train or car? Then start the route from an NS rail station or P car park.

Access to the artworks

Purchase of a multiple entry ticket gives you unlimited access to all artworks. The artworks can be reached by bicycle or on foot. Naturally, you can also drive the route by car. Bear in mind you may have to walk a distance from the car park to the artworks.