25 januari 2024

De kunstwerken die tijdens de IJsselbiënnale 2023 te zien zijn geweest, worden ook op andere locaties in binnen- en buitenland verwelkomt! Hier enkele voorbeelden:

Sculptura # 2
Gare Maritime, Tour & Taxi’s, Brussels – BE
19 January 2024 – 10 March 2024

Maarten Vanden Eynde
The Origin of Objects, 2023.

The Origin of Objects consists of a series of five concrete boulders, ranging in size from one to
two meters in diameter, spread across a designated area at Tour & Taxis. The round/oval spheres
are cut open like geodes, revealing the contours of what once was.
The moulds are made of recycled concrete and show only the negative shape of each object. A
mother mould is made of each object, suggesting perfect archetypes of which objects in the
everyday world are imperfect copies, referencing Plato.
The voids each reflect a specific object whose role and function was vital or symbolic for the
evolution of humanity, ranging from a wheel to a Singer sewing machine, a movie camera, the
first Apple Macintosh computer, and a Nokia3310 mobile phone.
Together they form a cluster of remnants of human presence and influence on Earth, to be
discovered in a fictional future.

Lees hier meer.

Ook kunstinsatallatie ‘Mock-up’ van Vladimir Turner is gespot:

Mock-up zal tot maart het dak van Fuchs2 in Vanice versieren.